Saturday, August 30, 2008

1st Day of Kindergarten

The first day of school...we have all been waiting for this day to come a long time. Sadie's birthday is Sept 13th and she missed the deadline by 13 days last year, this did not make our little girl very happy, especially when she watched all of her friends get on the bus last year. So to be able to go to school this year was very exciting.
After our school's back to school night two weeks ago, Sadie met her teacher and was also giver her first homework assignment which was to be brought back to school on the 1st day. We had soooo much fun making this doll look like Sadie. I hope all of her homework will be this much fun and crafty. You know I pulled all of my craft stuff out to help.
On our drive over to the school, (yes we live just far enough away that we don't get a bus = 1.6 miles) Sadie was singing her own little song about how she was excited to go to school, which then got Kurt and myself singing with her. We got to school and she found her friend to sit next to on the mat. She couldn't stop smiling and looking around taking in her new classroom. I too couldn't stop looking around the classroom, this is where my child is going to be for the next several months and I wanted to see everything and everyone that Sadie will be involved with.
Mrs. Sarkady read The Kissing Hand to the students and their parents and then had us trace our hand and our child's hand to exchange when it was time to leave. Sadie was the first one done and was so excited to sit back down on the carpet. So off she went as excited as can be. I found a mother in our ward that I started talking about car pooling, while Kurt watched Sadie situate herself into her colored square. Then out of nowhere to my total surprise, I hear Sadie crying and sobbing to Kurt... "Don't leave me Daddy, don't go!", over and over again. I was doing so good until that moment. I lost it, I lost it bad!!! I was one of those mother's who had to leave the room and find my own little space out in the hall. Kurt calmed her down and with the help of her teacher she was back with her friends and in her square while Kurt was out in the hall calming me down. Thankfully, when I picked her up from school she said she loved school and had so much fun. Let's hope she keeps that attitude for a long time.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A little behind!!!

I am WAY behind. Happy Birthday Jessica!!! Jessica turned 4 on August 11th and we had so much fun celebrating her special day. We took her and her friend to her favorite place.... Jump On It. Then we came home for a pizza party and of course cake and ice cream. Jessica we love you so much!!!

Fall soccer started last week and this year both Sadie and Jessica are playing and on the same team. I am now the team mom with Kurt as the coach. Sadie has turned out to be quite the little soccer player and Jessica is well on her way. My favorite part about their game is when Kurt had the team in a huddle at mid field and I looked over and saw Jess laying down in the goal. On our drive to the soccer field we had a little Q & A for Jess, here's a little sample: "If you fall down Jess, what do you do?" Her response was: "I'll get up and never give up!" That's what we like to hear.

Here's some footage of the first game...

I'll never give up!!!

Sadie's first goal.

I can't wait until the next game!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

BYU Women's Football Clinic

Last night we headed off to the 4th Annual BYU Women's Football Clinic and loved every minute of it. We ate a light dinner, listened to the coaches and players during the question and answer session, took tons of pictures, toured the facilities, and even went out on the field to do some drills. It was so much fun getting to see the coaches and players in a less formal and non-competitive atmosphere. I am so ready for the 2008 football season to begin, GO COUGARS!!!

Here we are sitting in the QB's lockers
Look at that form, go Heather

Watch out here I come.

Having too much fun!!!

Best seats we'll ever get.