Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Cassie!!!

Ok, so I'm a day late. Yesterday was Cassie's 1st birthday, and our little one didn't even know what to think of the celelbration. I'm pretty sure when she was handed her very own cake, she probably thought...this must be what heaven is like. Cassie definately got into the cake more then our other two daughters. Sadie and Jessica loved Cassie's b-day party because they got to open the presents. We tried to give little Cass a chance, but she took too long and before she knew it she had some pretty cool new toys.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We have been blessed with a MIRACLE!!!

This past September, Kurt's dad Kelly was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Shortly after his diagnosis one doctor told him that he had 3-6 months to live. He had one of his kidneys removed as well as a brain met, then started radiation and chemo. Three months after he started chemo we found out that his body was not responding. He started a different kind of treatment and today he met with his doctor to review his CT. He told my inlaws that the number of tumors had decreased as well as the size of the remaining tumors. This does NOT happen with Kidney cancer. We feel so blessed and are very grateful to our loving Heavenly Father for allowing our family to have this miracle and for rejuvenating our hope.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vote 4 Cassie

Ok I know this is annoying for those of you who already got my email, but for those who did not we need you to vote 4 Cassie. We entered Cassie's picture in an American Baby Idol contest. The winner gets two backstage tickets to the American Idol tour concert. Anyway go to click on the Vote Now button and vote for #144. You can only vote once, so every vote is appreiciated. Pass this on to anyone you may know. Thanks

Finally... a moment to blog

On June 2nd, we had a very fun FHE activity. Kelly arranged with a friend of his for our family to ride a couple of his horses. Our girls had a blast and little miss Cassie even took a turn on old Biscuit. After we found out that BJ had never been on a horse we drug him along and made him take the reins. Sadie was so excited to ride a horse that she felt that it was extremely important for me to put pig tails in her hair, if she had a cowgirl hat she would have been wearing that as well. Jessica who has always been afraid of the little ponies at Thanksgiving Point decided that a horse was pretty cool to ride. I am so glad she has gotten over that fear of horses. Thank you Grandpa Kelly for giving us that little treat.

We also started Swimming lessons the very same day. I had so much fun watching Sadie and Jessica splash around in the pool. They are so funny!!! Jessica quickly became buddies with her swim teacher after accidently going under water. Everyday I watched her slide into the pool and latched herself onto her teacher's side. Sadie surprised me with how brave she was in the pool, I think having her friend Tatyana by her side helped her out. So I guess both of my girls had their own special crutch getting them through swim class. I have high hopes for little swimmers in our family.

This week Kurt has been down in San Diego with his parents and three brothers. One of his dear sweet Aunts bought all of them passes to the U.S. Open for a very special Father's Day gift. He is having so much fun being down there following Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. I am so glad that he has had this opportunity to spend time with his family. I have prepared myself for the future golf that I am sure is going to take place sometime this upcoming week.

Summerfest is over!!! I have to say this year was a completely different experience then last year's summerfest. I had so much fun listening to all of the comments and chuckles my Pooh On U onsies and t-shirts received. I am excited to get these going this year. Having Kurt out of town and the young women in our ward at girls camp made it kind of difficult arranging babysitting for my little ones. THANK YOU to Kristan, Heather and Kelly for being so nice to me and my kids.