Thursday, December 27, 2007

Year In Review

I can't believe 2007 is over. We have had a year full of many ups and downs, each event meaningful and leaving us grateful for life and the lessons that we learn along the way.

We have had two life changing experiences during the 2007 year; first, the birth of our third beautiful daughter Cassie Lyn Edwards. Cassie has been a blessing in our lives and a challenge, we now know what "Colic" means. I have never known of a baby who does not like to ride in the car and fall asleep, (like our first two children). There have been many drives from Provo to Lehi where there was not a moment of silence or a song that was heard. I am completely grateful to our Father in heaven who reminded me how precious my daughter is to me on one of those 20 minute drives. I will never forget how powerful the spirit is, and can be during moments of frustration. Things are getting better and I truly do love my little Cassie.

The second life changing experience that our family has had was when Kurt's dad was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in September. I will never forget Kurt's voice when he called me from the hospital to tell me that Kelly had cancer. It was a moment when cancer became very real and personal to me. I had worked at the cancer clinic in Provo for three years and the reality of cancer had never hit me so hard. Unfortunately his cancer had spread to his brain and lungs and we were told that he had anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. Right now Kelly is going thru chemo and recently finished radiation. He is continually in our prayers.

Now for the rest of the year, here is a list of highlights that have not been forgotten,(in no particular order):
  • Having my water break while I was working at the Lehi Round-Up Craft Fair

  • Going to the Parade of Homes in St.George

  • Trevor & Heather's Wedding ~ Heather we love having you a part of our family.

  • BYU beating Utah again
  • Sadie & Jessica's Dance recital
  • Watching Sanjaya(?) during American Idol
  • Cassie sleeping thru the night

  • Cassie taking a bottle
  • BYU winning @ the Las Vegas Bowl

  • Finishing a baby quilt that I started before Sadie was born.

  • Planting trees and bushes in our yard
  • Sadie's first year of Soccer ~ Kurt was a proud daddy when Sadie stayed in the game after being clocked by another kid.

  • Spending time at the cabin in Star Valley

  • Kurt taking the girls on their own Daddy Daughter Dates

  • Finishing Sadie & Jessica's bedroom ~ now onto Cassie's room

  • Finally putting some kind of decoration on our family room wall

  • Cassie's baby blessing ~ thanks to all who traveled to Provo for this event

  • Donna & Kelly moving into their beautiful new home

  • Heber Creeper Murder Mystery Ride ~ finally a date with my husband
  • Another successful year for Kurt's business
  • My parents getting their second mission call to Bulgaria ~ leaving January 28th
  • Welcoming Cameron Edwards, Paxton Andersen and Treyton Edwards into our family

  • Sadie cutting her own bangs ~ surprisingly did a good job.
  • Tyler's short move to Utah ~ we wish it could have been permanent.
  • Kari and her kids visiting from Alaska.

  • Kurt deciding that his favorite meal at Chili's is the Caribbean Chicken Salad ~ I had been trying to tell him how good it was for about 4 years.

  • Kurt, BJ and Trevor winning a golf tournament in Eagle Mountain

  • Spencer getting engaged

As we look back we have been blessed with a wonderful life, and we hope to make 2008 another year to remember.

Merry Christmas

Thanks Britt for making this card for me!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dancing Dolls

Besides Christmas, this is the day I look forward too the most. This is Sadie's second year in dance and she LOVES it. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be a dancer growing up, she's a little performer. Sadie had a blast dressing up as a hipo. Jessica loves dance as well and this was her first dance recital. I was a little nervous about saturday night with her dancing on the "big" stage with all of the bright lights but she did great!!! Here are my little dancing dolls.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What the heck is that?

About three weeks ago I received a phone call from BYU's infant development lab. They had record from the hospital that I had a five month old baby and were wondering if I would be willing to bring her into the lab for observation. Sure, why not, I don't mind helping some grad student out. Anyway I got there not knowing what kind of test would be done on Cassie and then told that she was going to wear a little cap made out of 100+ suction cups that had sensors inside of them to detect any neurological electo impulse something something something. My first thought was, what the heck is that? Anyway she did great and let them put this cap on her head for about 5 minutes while she watched a 3 minute video on shapes and sounds. They told me that they needed to take a picture of her for the study and then at the end gave it to me along with a certificate of appreciation. I just had to share the picture of Cassie wearing this whatchamacallit because it is kind of funny looking.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Yesterday after it had been snowing for a couple of hours, Cassie finally went down for a nap and let the rest of the girls play out in the snow. Kurt was doing snow removal out in Lehi and Alpine and because he had all of the shovels I couldn't shovel our driveway. Instead of shoveling we built 5 snowmen and a "girls only" snow fort. We had soooooo much fun.

Sadie, Tatyana, & Jessia

The "daddy" snowman didn't last very much longer after this picture was taken.

Don't mind the giant snowflake in Jessica's face.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dear Santa

I had to share the girl's letters to Santa. Sadie loves to write. She often opens up random books and starts copying sentences or she will help grandma Donna write her shoppig list. She had some help from her daddy writting this letter. Jessica had a good time thinking of things to ask Santa for. We asked her what she wanted and she looked around the room and then at the ads from the Sunday paper before she had any ideas.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Edwards Family Pics

Here are the fun pictures from our family photo session we had last week.