Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Need a great Christmas present for your kids?

Ok, so I just bought my kids the coolest toys for Christmas and I gotta share the info. I first saw these Wiggle Cars at the What Women Want Expo and decided that my kids would LOVE these after Heather and myself took them for a spin. I would post pictures but my kids are way to smart and if they saw this post they would start begging. So anyway, these cars move by wiggling the handles and they spin on a dime. They hold up to 200lbs so your kids can ride them forever, not just a summer. The booth at the expo sold these cars for $65 or two for $55 each, at OverStock you can get them for $37.99 + $2.95 for shipping. So if you like to buy presents early like myself check this site out sooner than later because they'll go fast. If they are out of stock just enter your email address and they'll notify you when they have them back in stock. FYI: As of today there are 100 days until Christmas.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last Chance

It's already been determined, there's no going back, we just have to wait and see what the ultrasound says. This is our last chance for a boy!!! Well atleast that's what we have in mind. I'm 14 weeks along, due March 8th, and we should be finding out what the sex is around Halloween. We are definately prepared for a little girl; however, I think the whole world will know if the ultrasound shows up different. I'll just say...we are feeling the pressure.

Friday, September 5, 2008

1st Day of Preschool

Taking Jessica to preschool was so much easier than taking Sadie to kindergarten. She was also way excited to go to school and couldn't wait to play with the toys she had previously scoped out when she went to her back to school night. Jessica is quite a bit more shy than Sadie; however, once you get to know her she is the loudest girl you will ever meet. We are hoping that Jessica can make some new friends in preschool this year and maybe become a little more independent.

This little video is of Jessica singing the song that the kids learn on the first day, but because Sadie sang it every day for about 3 months after she started preschool last year Jessa was singing it before she left.