Monday, September 27, 2010

Sadie's 8

I cannot believe that I have an 8 year old!!! How did that happen? It's just so weird to think that my little Sadie is growing up soooooo fast. Her CAMP ROCK 2 birthday party was a hit and a little bit crazy with 8 girls + 2 sisters and 1 little boy. We ate dinner, made crafts, opened presents, watched Camp Rock 2 and even had smores and hot chocolate.

One of Sadie's birthday presents was a new dress for her baptism from Grandma Andersen. It's beautiful and everything I wanted her dress to be. So we went over to the BYU campus just right below the Bell Tower and took some pictures of her in her new present. The pictures turned out GREAT and I love what's missing....

I LOVE the missing two front teeth. I don't think it gets better than that. She lost her last tooth a week ago while playing volleyball during recess. She had the ball and some kid's head hit her face which knocked her tooth out of her mouth and into the grass. It was never found and we had to write another letter to the tooth fairy. Anyway, I love these pictures. Of course I had to take a few other pictures of my other children.

We had soooo much fun at this park. The ducks were loving my kids and so were the young couples who were pretending to study. After we took pictures at this little spot, we headed over to the stadium to give the Cougar some hi-fives.

I don't know why he does this, but he always does:) I love my kids, they're so dang cute!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prettylicious Giveaway

Prettylicious is doing another giveaway, this time with a website Your Home Based Mom that I have been following for a couple of years now. All you have to do is go this link , and then leave a comment telling us which team colored headband you would like.

Please go and leave a comment, I would love it if one of our friends won.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Softball, T-Ball & Out of Control Daddy

After Kurt got back from taking the girls to Walmart to buy me a Mother's Day Present, he told me that he was "Out of Control". My first thought was..."Yes, he bought me way too many presents!" Then that thought was thrown out the window when I watched him pull out two pairs of baseball pants, two belts, and of course the cool black socks. Let's take a look at the final product...

I think I even heard Jessica's coach ask Kurt..."Are you for real?" and the answer is YES!!!

Not only do they look absolutely adorable, but they can play some serious ball!!!

We all had fun watching these girls play, including Grandpa Kelly & Easton.

This and That

A Night at the Mall
During soccer season, Kurt told the girls that if they scored a goal he would take them to the mall and buy them their own Cold Stone ice cream. It apparently worked and we all enjoyed the fruits of their labor. After ice cream we just hung out at the mall for the evening.


Trevors Graduation

It seems just like yesterday that we were feeding dinner to Trevor every sunday when he was a freshman at BYU. Now he's all grown up and graduated. We're happy for him but sad at the same time because in a few weeks Trevor, Heather and little Jacoby are moving to Indiana for Dental school. We're going to miss them.


Spring Soccer
Soccer season was a tad bit colder than the previous years: however, we still had a lot of fun. Kurt coached both Sadie and Jessica's teams which made it a little busy but still rewarding. The girls LOVE having Coach Daddy Kurt with them for every game.

Sadie's favorite position was goalie (because you get to touch the ball with your hands) and she was very good at it.

Easton, well, he just likes any kind of ball you put in front of him.

Maybe next year Cassie.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

BJ & Susan's Wedding

This past weekend we were able to go to BJ & Susan's Wedding. We had so much fun attending the wedding and following activities. We left Jessica and Sadie in school that morning so we only had 50% of our children for the day. Later on that evening we took all four kids with us up to Heber for the reception then up to Malad on Saturday. Here are some of the 100+ pictures Kurt and I took.

Malad...visiting Uncle Dave's farm.

And my new favorite picture

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sadie's Basketball Season

Another season over. Another pair of expensive shoes worn and put to rest until the next pair of feet grow into them. Another year of coaching for the coolest dad on the court. And yet another year of "Dad, why do you keep putting me in sports when all I want to be is a cheerleader!"

If you know our little Sadie...cheer leading is definitely more of her thing; however, she really is athletic and we as parents are just helping her develop some skills that may be helpful to her in the future.
This was a great season for Kurt as a coach. They had a winning team that pretty much dominated the 1st & 2nd grade league. Sadie did awesome!!! She was more comfortable this year out on the court and took more shots than she did last year. I think having Kurt as the coach really makes a difference for our kids.

We had a kid on the team who is every father's dream child. He literally can dribble better than any kid I've ever watched play. Kurt even says that this kid can dribble better than himself. We even had a coach from a 5th grade team come up to Kurt after one of our games trying to recruit him. Amazing is all I can say about this kid.

Here's a little story Sadie wrote about basketball.
We love you Sadie, way to go !!!