Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sadie's Basketball Season

Another season over. Another pair of expensive shoes worn and put to rest until the next pair of feet grow into them. Another year of coaching for the coolest dad on the court. And yet another year of "Dad, why do you keep putting me in sports when all I want to be is a cheerleader!"

If you know our little Sadie...cheer leading is definitely more of her thing; however, she really is athletic and we as parents are just helping her develop some skills that may be helpful to her in the future.
This was a great season for Kurt as a coach. They had a winning team that pretty much dominated the 1st & 2nd grade league. Sadie did awesome!!! She was more comfortable this year out on the court and took more shots than she did last year. I think having Kurt as the coach really makes a difference for our kids.

We had a kid on the team who is every father's dream child. He literally can dribble better than any kid I've ever watched play. Kurt even says that this kid can dribble better than himself. We even had a coach from a 5th grade team come up to Kurt after one of our games trying to recruit him. Amazing is all I can say about this kid.

Here's a little story Sadie wrote about basketball.
We love you Sadie, way to go !!!


Spencer said...

I can't wait for my kids to be in sports. Good job Sadie!! You'll be an inspiration for Jaron.

Kristan Carter said...

That is so cool. I think Sadie will be a great athlete...I love that Kurt coaches...

Mer said...

Keep making her play sports! It's waaaaaay better than just cheering for dumb boys! My mom forced me to start playing basketball when I was in 7th grade, and I was SO MAD. But after the tryouts I actually started to like it and ended up playing all through high school! Good times, good times. That story from Sadie is so cute. She's a good artist, too!