Monday, November 24, 2008

Thursday's Hero

On Thursday our family had the coolest experience. Let me just explain by using an email...

Monday November 17, 2008


On behalf of the BYU Football program, we would love to invite you to be this weeks Thursday's Hero. We have heard of the trials that you have had to face in your life and definitely look at you as one of our heroes. For that we would love to have you come down to our practice on Thursday so that we can recognize you.I just need a few things from you including your age, shirt size, current home address and a recent picture of yourself.

I have been briefed on your situation, but if there is anything else that you would like us to know about you before your visit, please share.We will be expecting you on the 20th of November, at 4 pm in the Student Athlete Building (SAB-located on the West side of campus). The football office is located on the second floor of the SAB through the double doors.We are very excited to meet you all on Thursday. Family and close friends are welcome. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.We wish you best on your tests today.

Thanks,Cort Trejo

Assistant Director of Football Operations

Brigham Young University

In reply...

Mr. Trejo,

THANK YOU so much for your invitation. I am not exactly sure who my sponsors were, but am so grateful for their efforts and the BYU Football Program, and graciously accept your invitation.
I will give you a little more information and feel free to use what you like.

Two of our four sons attended and graduated from BYU. Thus began our family's true-blue dedication to BYU athletics! Our family plans baptisms, baby blessings, and mission farewells around BYU football games. My wife and daughter-in-laws never miss the BYU Football Women's Clinic. We have been the proud owners of season tickets for the past four years, and only brain surgery can keep me from a game. We have followed the Cougars to Las Vegas for the Bowl games the last two years and have been in the stands at many away games.

My fight with renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) began September 17th, 2007. I went to work one day feeling fine, and ended up in the hospital with numbness and slurred speech by 2:00 PM. After extensive tests the word "CANCER" took over my life. My battle to live "one more day" began. However, I have not fought alone. I have a loving family, with four sons who have sent me to every sporting event imaginable this past year. From the BYU Bowl game to the Mountain West Tournament, to the NCAA tournament and the NBA playoffs. I have a Ward Family who has spent days fasting and praying for me constantly. I have a loving Heavenly Father who has spared me pain or sickness while treating this formidable opponent. The most humble calling I have ever received occurred just one month ago. Although I have Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma, I was called by my Heavenly Father, to be the Bishop of our newly created Ward in Lehi. Although I feel inadequate at times to be called to such an important calling, I know my Father in Heaven and Brother Jesus Christ has a plan for me to complete while I am here on this earth. I know there is at least one of HIS children who needs me at this time, and I am grateful to serve.

As I reflect over the past year, I find myself counting hundreds of blessings in my life, with only one cross to bear. I have learned:

Thanks again!

I cannot express how much this opportunity to meet such valiant young men and Coaches whom I so admire, means to me.

Bishop Kelly Edwards

And so it began and many fun pictures were taken, here are only a few of the 200+ that were taken by the whole group.

Kurt sitting at Bronco's desk.

Kelly receiving hug from Bronco.

Ka Ma Tae

Give me the ball Max.

Looking back, I was totally shocked and impressed with BYU's football team this past week. Our family was taken in by young men who not only play football but who genuinely care about others. The tour of the facility was awesome, but to have the entire football team surround Kelly and then give him hugs and words of encouragement had to have been the highlight. Kelly was given a few BYU items from the team including a hat, jersey, and a flag signed by the entire team. He also got to sign the flag that is taken out onto the field on game days. I was also very impressed with Max Hall for taking time to throw several passes and routes with the boys (young and old). Overall it was a very special day for our family and we will always speak highly of BYU's football program.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Goody Goody Gum Dwops

We had a huge breakthrough last night with Jessica.....she can now say her "k's" and "g's". We were visiting Grandma Donna and Grandpa Kelly and started singing a song which makes all of the sounds of the alphabet with Cassie, then we turned to Jessa and asked her to make the "k" sound and she did it. We were all so excited! We gave Jess some M & M's and after that she ran around the house saying every word we asked her to repeat with the "k" sound. Then we stepped it up a notch and asked her to say the "g" sound and sure enough it came right out of her little mouth perfectly. With all of the excitement we started the phrase of the night with goody goody gum drops, however for Jessica it came out "goody goody gum dwops". We still have to get that darn "r" sound down, but until then we'll take the dwops.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I love traditions!!! Before Kurt and I got married, we talked about traditions that we wanted to have with our family. We decided on annual vacations, BYU football :), one on one time with kids, holiday stuff, and my have homemade beef stew and rolls on the first day of snow. So last night we had our 9th "First Day of Snow Beef Stew Dinner". Because our kids hate soup, it was just Kurt and myself, so we dressed it up a bit with candles and our nicest bowls, (one day I'll actually have china and the whole shebang, but for now what we got will have to do). It definitely is something I look forward to and I hope we can create more fun traditions. Please tell me some of your favorite family traditions, I'm always looking for fun things to do with my family.
FYI: that is not a picture of my beef stew just one I found on the internet, but it looks pretty darn close to what mine looks like. I would have included the recipe but I don't exactly know what I do, I just throw a bunch of stuff in and let the crockpot do its thing.