Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's about time

I LoVe mY LitTle CaSsie

So we have a problem with mice in our house. I know, it's disgusting!!! Anyway, so we have these mouse traps that we have in our laundry room 24/7 because that's where we have the most success in getting those gross little creatures. Well we use peanut butter on the traps to lure them in; however, the mice are too dang smart and always lick the PB off of the traps.
Well yesterday Cassie was talking to Kurt and out of no where she told him how the mouse licked the PB off of the trap. Then she said..."We gotta get that back!" She really likes peanut butter!!!

sO yoU tHinK yOu Can dAnCe

Kurt and I went to the SYTYCD tour last week and had a blast. We love that show and we thorghouly enjoyed ourselves. At first Kurt was looking around for other "Dudes" and after he saw a few men with their significant others, he started to fell a little bit more relaxed. I have to say that Phillip was by far the most entertaining dancer at the show. I could watch his solo over and over again and never get bored. I'll also say that as much as we try to dance like him, well let's be honest that will never happen.


PoOr LiTle eAsTOn

About two months ago, we noticed a soft lump on the back of Easton's neck. We weren't too concerned at first and decided to just watch it to see if it would go away or if it bothered him in anyway. Well nothing happened with it it just stayed there so we decided to take him to the doctor to get it checked out. Our Dr. really didn't know what it was and wanted to run some tests on him. So it began.

The first step was to have an ultrasound done. We went, we held him and we watched the screen and nothing showed up. So then we scheduled a CT to be done. Kurt and I took him to the hospital early in the morning and waited to have our little E sedated for the test. While we were waiting for the Pediatric Sedation Team to get everything set up, the NP asked to look report of the ultrasound and then decided that she wanted to have a MRI done instead of the CT. That decision sent us home until they could squeeze us in that afternoon.

We returned to the hospital about 1:30pm and waited again for the Sedation Team. We took little E back to a room where the torture began. Our poor little boy was pricked 7 times trying to get an IV into his little veins. It was so sad!!! I was holding him down on the bed, watching the needles fish around inside of both of his hands and both sides of his head (where the IV ended up being placed). Poor Kurt was left to just watch Easton kick and scream. At one point he was looking at Easton while the nurse had his head squished sideways on the bed, and I swear Easton saw him and said the saddest "DAAAAAAD" I've ever heard. After the IV was placed and the meds were pushed through, he calmed down and then fell into a deep slumber where I hope he forgot everything that had just happened to him.

The nurses wrapped him up in a blanket and also covered up the blood that was everywhere from their efforts of getting an IV in, and then put his baseball blanket on top of him. It didn't even look like our son was on the bed, it literally looked like a little pile of blankets were left waiting to be cleaned up by the janitorial staff. Finally the the sedation part of the procedure was over and somehow we got through that whole ordeal.

Next, the MRI. We followed little Easton down several halls to the machine where he would spend the next hour of his life. They placed his little body on this cradle type thing that held his body still. Then wrapped him with Velcro straps and then taped his forehead down to the machine. We were asked to find a seat and perhaps grab a bite to eat. We were told that he would probably be in the MRI room for about half an hour. After we heard him scream for about 3 minutes and then suddenly stop, the machine started up again and he was in there for another 30 minutes. Each minute that went by left horrifying thoughts in my head and "what ifs" about his future. My stomach felt sick and when the nurses came out with him after the test and then didn't say anything about the MRI, I mentally prepared myself for the worst. We walked back down the halls to the room where he was stabbed and waited for him to wake up. Still nothing about the MRI or if they saw anything on the computers. I wanted to ask the nursed soooooo bad but at the same time had no desire to hear anything. So we gave Easton a bottle of Pedialyte (he had to drink clear fluids before they could release him) and then packed up our stuff to go home. The nurse told us that they would call us in the morning to see how the night went.

Morning came and sure enough the nurse called. I reported that Easton was back to his normal self and that he seemed to be doing fine. She asked a few questions and then told me that she was going to check the computers to see if the results were up. They were and to our relief there was no appearance of any malignant tumors but he had a venous verix, which she told me was something kind of like a varicose vein on the back of the neck. PHEW!!!!! I don't' know what this means for his future, but to hear NO TUMOR was sooooooo nice. We're going to follow up with a vein specialist and find out more info, but for now I am totally OK with the findings.

What do you get when two witches, a frog and a scary bride carve pumpkins?

Jacoby met up with us for trick-or-treating. I love his costume.